Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bianca Update: World Date with Kim Beom

Bianca Gonzales, the lucky girl chosen by ABS-CBN to represent the Philippines, finally met Kim Beom ( I call him Bummie!)for the second time in Korea. She's actually more of a Lee Min Ho fan so too bad for those die-hard Bummie fans who really wanted to meet Bummie. I guess you have to be an ABS-CBN talent so that you can have an edge just like her.

From Bianca's KTXT:
(april 19) so we finally met kim bum today! we were all asked to wake up early and we were all given korean-style clothes for today. i chose just a simple shirt but they styled it by tying it in front and giving me girly accessories. very not me, but for today, why not! : -) we all went to kbs studios where supposedly we were gonna have an interview about how we feel that its day one of the world date, we all answered, then we all posed for a picture. photographer suddenly put the camera down and it was kim bum! haha, funny, very wow mali. and the girls i'm with are really so mahinhin, i'm the only one who said 'oh my!' loudly when we saw him. the rest were just shocked and just gasped. hahaha. he all led us in to this camper truck, with full camera coverage as in very big brother lang. : -) its a kwentuhan ride and the girls being very shy, its me and ob lang asking! we're off to mount seorak, its supposed to be four hours away. so good luck! we'll see what we'll end up doing today. : -)

Bianca's tweets

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