Friday, February 19, 2010

Jang Geun Suk Fanmeet in Manila

I just read from PEX (c/o diefan) that Jang Geun Suk will have a fanmeet here in the Philippines on February 27; 1:00PM - 5:00PM @ Joosarang Noraebang, Matheus Bldg., Don Pedro St., Makati City.

250 php - pre-selling
300 php - day of the gathering
{inclusive of food, freebies, GEUNSUK item and the payment for the venue..}

For inquiries (re: event and tickets), you can contact the following numbers:

GLORIETTA:--> 09062459342
CAMANAVA AREA---> 09164749063
SM NORTH-->09263523417

Jang Geun Suk's Sites:


micellemarkes said...

hi. i just want to ask kung natuloy talaga 'tong event na to. kasi i heard na pupunta nga siya dito pero hindi ko alam na last month pa pala. :o

thank you. :)

chill said...

Based on soompi accounts, I think it was just a meeting of the PINOY EELS minus Jang Geun Suk...false alarm! ha!ha! Here's the link:

micellemarkes said...

yeah, i guess it was a meeting of the fans. hehe thanks very much! :)

bianca said...

whew!that was a relief!! i thought i'd missed his visit here!!i was about to cry when i've read this news!!!

chill said...

I'm currently watching JGS's YOu're Beautiful.I must admit...he really is sooo cute. Actually I'm also glad that he didn't come to Manila or else I might have slapped myself too for not going to the fanmeet! ha!ha!

Anonymous said...

omg. muntik na ako maiyak dito, kala ko nagpunta si JGS dito sa Philippines nang hindi ko napapanood. haaayyy... as in nagreready kasi ako ng pambili ng ticket if ever pupunta siya e. hehe

Anonymous said...

what a relief! I thought pumunta talaga sia!!!! Hope he comes here soon.

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