Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Kisses from Lee Min Ho!

Lucky Sandara Park gets more kisses from Lee Min Ho! haaayyyy!!!!
According to Knews, two kissing scenes will be shown in the CASS CF but the two kissed 100 times during filming! ha!ha! And according to reports, their lips were even bruised and swollen because of those scenes! ha!ha! Hay naku! They just want the CF to be talked about by the jealous fans! ha!ha! I already learned my lesson. It's just like the kiss of Jandi and JunPyo in Boys Over Flowers. The pictures of the kissing scene came first and fans (like me) were super excited to watch it. When the episode was shown on TV, they made the kiss look like it was just a mere smack on the lips. Same with Sandara and Min can their lips be bruised with all the kissing when it's just a mere smack on the lips? ha!ha! And 100 takes??? That's absurd!

Anway, french kiss or just a mere smack on the cheek or lips, Sandara is still lucky!

credit: newsen

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