Friday, August 28, 2009

Sandara Park and Lee Min Ho In A New Cass CF

Oh my gawd!!!!I'm super envious!!! Not only did Sandara got to meet, work with and KISS Jung Il Woo (of The Return of Iljimae)a few months back, now she gets to work with Boys Over FLower's Jun Pyo, Lee Min Ho!!!!!!! Wahhhhh!!!!! Can you believe this??? She just mentioned on TV (Ruffa and Ai) that she likes BOF's Jun Pyo and now this! News said that since she's named as the Philippine BOA, she was chosen to be Min Ho's partner in a new Cass CF. I haven't seen the pictures and video yet but I'll post them here once they come out! It's really a blessing that Sandara went back to South Korea!

Trivia: DO you know that Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho are best buddies? Wow, can you just imagine hanging out with these two handsome guys at the same time????

Here's Sandara and Il Woo in The Return of Iljimae:

uploaded by: ronaldcustoduck

Here's the news regarding Sandara and Min Ho's Cass CF:

uploaded by leeminhovn

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yuuki said...

wow lucky sandara!

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