Monday, August 24, 2009

Lee Dong Wook's Last Message To His Fans

Lee Dong Wook left a message to his "grieving" fans at his website. Translations were posted by maya@kal at soompi.

Good-bye only for a little while. ..

have you been in safe ?

am glad has ended well and movie also closed off nicely last Friday ~
i was worried of its supports but finally, it managed to complete in time
i have watched the drama as it was shot, love it very much, thanks to the directors
please looking forward to the movie too
although i will not be around when the movie is released,
please render your support as other artists have worked very hard too

Good-bye only for a little while for tomorrow
guess everyone might have known ...
i regret for not sharing the news as i would only want to share quietly with my family... [ hiu hiu ]
although i will be away for two years, my heart will always be with you
wish to leave quietly ... complete the full terms and come back safely
am grateful for your company in the past ten years, would like to thank you again and again for that
Memories will always stay with me
i feel that i am quite lucky whenever recalling there are over 50 thousand girl friends [ note : refer to the members of 1004 dong cafe ] waiting for me, zubozubo!! ^^

i am just off for a while
smoking and acting, would have to put on hold
i will be back with more mature image , and more energertic looks
these are all i may say for today although there are a lot more i would like to say
till we meet again all must stay healthy and happy !!!
we shall meet with smiley face ~~^^
Thank you ~ i love you ~

p.s1 The last present!! i had a photo shooting session with a magazine today. It was with the < 누메로라 >
magazine, please looking forward to it ~ hey hey

p.s2 Happiness is just somewhere nearby

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