Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lee Min Ho for Dunkin Donuts Philippines

Last night, after the long version of the Boys Over Flowers teaser was shown on TV, a Dunkin Donuts commercial immediately followed. My heart skipped a beat!!! As in!!!! The commercial started with a shot focusing on an iced coffee drink... I thought I was going to see MinHo's face next! I swear! Hayyy!!! To my dismay, it was just the drink that was shown...No other models were included...But actually I'm thinking...WHAT IF THAT WAS JUST A TEASER????? OMG!!!! I'm hoping they're saving Minho's commercial for next week when the series starts airing already!!!!

My God! Just look at this Dunkin commercial of Joey De Leon! Do you think any girl would be enticed to buy his coffee????

And look at oppa minho's commercial....I'd buy even the coffee beans! ha!ha!
Come to think of it... Dunkin should just show Minho's commercial in the Philippines since it would be more expensive to make another one, right? :)

MINHO, you are too naughty!!! hayyy!!!! :)

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