Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol-Season8: Songs of the Cinema Night

Honestly I got bored watching this particular episode.

Adam- (Born To Be Wild) I had mixed emotions while watching him. I think he belted out well (with his now famous screeching/shrieking voice) but I didn't enjoy the song. Great voice, nice range but awful song. Tracks of my Tears is still his best song for me.

Anoop- (Everything I Do) It was a nice song but I prefer his previous songs like “Always On My Mind”. I bet he's safe again.

Allison – (I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing) Nice rendition. Her performance stood out for me. But last week was better. Again, somebody has to point out that she has to pronounce her words clearly!!!!!!

Kris – (Falling Slowly) I disagree with Randy. I loved his performance. It was a nice song. I heard it before but I can’t seem to remember the movie. He’s definitely safe too.

Matt- (Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman) In the first place, I don’t like the song. That’s why I found his performance super boring. In fact, I hate it. I miss the "Let's Get It On" song.

Danny – (Endless Love) Hmmm…. This song didn’t have any “wow” factor for me. He didn't impress me...again! He didn’t offer something new… come to think of it… there was…he wasn’t wearing his glasses this time!

Lil- (The Rose) Obviously she has to go home. There wasn’t any moment that I felt that she really has a chance to win this competition. She's really way too boring already.

My Top 3 after tonight are: Adam, Kris and Allison

Bottom 3 will probably be: Anoop (because he's less popular than Danny), Matt (he has been in the bottom 3 before so it shows his lack of popularity plus the fact that his song this week wasn't good) and Lil ( no explanations needed!)

Next to be booted out: Lil

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