Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Favorite Korean Movie/Series Quotes (3)

I've decided to make another blog entry regarding korean movie/series quotes. I'm going to make another batch of top 10 quotes starting this one which I just saw when I visited soompi awhile ago..

1. JiHoo: JunPyo, if the person you love is having a hard time because of you. Would you be able to let her go?
JunPyo: No. I won't send her away. I can't send away. I'll make sure we're tightly tangled up and definitely make her happy. - Boys Over Flowers

2. "Love like you've never been hurt
Dance like nobody's watching
Sing like nobody's listening
Live like it's heaven on earth." - My Name is Kim Sam Soon

3. "I needed a place I could live in peace. Even if it was for 10 minutes. I needed a place I could love myself. But ever since moving into this house It hasn't been just 10 minutes, But for the whole day, you've been there listening to me talk. When I reach home upset, You're there by my side to make me feel better. So, Even if things didn't get better, I had hope in my heart. Now, even if I'm tired of what's happening, I have the strength to stand up. If the road is blocked, I have the heart to find another road. All these things appeared when I lived with you.Thank you." - Nine End Two Outs

4. "Love is not doubt but a hug. Even if everyone else says otherwise, it's believing that person's words first." - Summer Scent

5. "I want to be a tree in my next life time. When a tree is planted at a place, it does not need to be moved. In future, it won't be separated with its loved ones."
-Eun Suh, Autumn in my heart

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