Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wu Zun wants to visit the Philippines

Taken from the blog entry of Hana Kimi's Wu Zun --------

"After that, we went to HK! My 1st overseas Drama promotion was Hanakimi and it was held in HK last year. I still remember how shocked and happy I was to see so many people and to most of them, it was our first interaction! This year… our Romantic Princess activity was at the same venue in HK and that really brought back a lot of memories…Its indeed a very touching feeling!

Traveling to these familiar countries and having met so many New and recognizable faces, I am still so excited and happy as ever! Its actually very tiring but seldom feel those tiredness til all activities are over late at night! However, there are still countries which I don't have time to visit yet… I'm happy that the Philippines and USA have started airing Hanakimi and also Romantic Princess in Guang Zhou n few parts of china soon… Again, I did try my best to convince my company to allow me to do promotional activities in these countries and though my initial attempt failed, I will not give up and hope it will be a reality for all us to meet up one day, yeah!"

I do hope that Wu Zun will be able to visit Manila one of these days.

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