Sunday, March 2, 2008

korea's newest couple

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s not so secret affair

New Heart’s Ji Sung and Mr. Goodbye’s Lee Bo Young are the latest Hallyu couple. These two good looking high profile actors were spotted together enjoying their time in Ji Sung’s Benz for three weeks in a row, confirming their relationship status.

They met during the drama Save the Last Dance in 2004 and started going out in October of last year.


Is Ji Sung falling in love with Lee Bo Young?

Recently, a popular Korean sport magazine has revealed that Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are in love with each other, which gains much attention from public.

According to this article, this couple has dated since last October and devoted all their rest time to each other.

It's known that one joined birthday party of the other. When the reporter phoned the management company of Lee Bo Young to ask that whether Ji sung and Lee Bo Young are in love, the manager denied it. And the management company of Ji Sung is completely unaware about this.

Ji Sung knew Lee Bo Young when they appeared together in the drama Save The Last Dance For Me in 2004. At that time, he had romantic relationship with the actress Park Son Mi. However, that relationship ended when he joined army in the middle of 2005

The actors and actresses played in Save The Last Dance For Me

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