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wookie's message 2/23/08

lee dong wook's message @ dong cafe (2/23/08)

This is Japan.

I am in Japan now. Am not in Korea ok !!

It has been 10 days since I came here.

I am a bit worried as this is the first time I spend such a long time working overseas.

I am quite stressed out as there are some difficulties in the role I portray this time. Luckily I have settled in well. The filming process has been going on smoothly too.

My hotel room is kind of an apartment~~ (note: can do own cooking inside the room)

My manager and I have to pay for our rental hey hey.

Today is my rare off day. I had been sleeping and mucking around in the room. Of course not forgetting to visit dong cafe.

I came by to hear what have been happening around you, at the same time I would like to share mine. As such, I am in the midst of composing my message now.

You all will welcome me right?? !!!

This is a city of snow ~

I guess I have seen the snow that I might be seeing in the next 100 years.

It's been snowing outside ... one whole day.

Due to the heavy snow, the work of removing snow can only be carried out at the middle of the road.

And hence, the frozen snow along the roadside is about the same height as me.

The Canal and the snow festival in Otaru are very beautiful.

The beer in Otaru is very yummy too~

Other than missing the taste of kimchi and miso soup, the rest are fine with me.

The filming process is going on smoothly.

I feel a bit taxing as the role i took up this time is a bit complicated and tough.

As I had not been acting in the tv scene for quite a while, I feel unfamiliar with the shooting progress~

Seems like human are too cunning ...

Became unfamiliar with tv drama shooting just after shot a few movies ..

Am I the only one like this? ^^

No matter what !! I will try my best to bring out my best as it's my long awaited tv drama~

The best scenery of Hokkaido and this tv drama will greet you in May!!

There will be another 2 & 1/2 month, please wait patiently.

Wishing you all good health and live well~

Oh yes. Overseas fans are able to read this message right ?

During our shooting in Japan, I can feel the love from fans. I am very grateful for that.

In such an icy weather, they have been helping out our crew overnights ( I heard that they all are my fans ...),

How did they find out all these? Visited me at the shooting scene, gave me hand warmers.

Friends who prepared chocolates and hot packs on Valentine's Day .

Friends who flew in from other places.

Eventhough I do not have much time to greet you, you always cheer me up with your warm smiles. I appreciate very much !!!

Because of these fans, I do not feel so tough and lonely throughout the filming process.

If I can always stay this popular, I suppose there would not be any problem to film at any place on the world^^ha ha ha ha ha sorry ()

In short, I am very thankful to all of you~~~!!!

To this end, I shall stop here....

Oh yes!! Is the weather in Korea getting warmer by now..?

There will be a match between Korea and Japan today. I shall cheer our Korean team up over here!!!

I'm the Lee Dong Wook who has been abroad for 10 days and has been missing home very much~

p.s Happiness is somewhere just nearby.

credits: original text from 1004dong;
english translations by mayb_juz_coz @baidu

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