Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Singing Sensation?

A twenty-year-old British girl, Rebecca Strachan and her friend, Sharon Schilperoord (18) of Holland are popular these days with the help of youtube. Their friendship started through a kpop online forum. Their love for korean music led them to record their voices singing korean songs and posted them at youtube. Just like Charice Pempengco, their self-made youtube videos became an instant hit. Now, a record label, J-Tune, is bent on making Rebecca the next Korean singing sensation.

I've only heard two of the songs they've recorded. For me, their voices are just mediocre. They're not that great. I don't know if that also holds true when it comes to the pronunciation of the korean lyrics. They just chose two great, catchy songs from the latest Anyband CF, Promise You and TPL (Talk, Play, Love). Probably, that's the reason why people got interested. Just my opinion! :)

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