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gong yoo to begin army enrolment

Gong Yoo To Begin Army Enrolment

- jan 14, 2008
-cr: tour2korea

Cool-guy Gong Yoo left for the military amidst the loud, cacophonous cries from over 300 of his fans. He will be entering the Chungnam Nonsan military training base on the 14th at 1:30pm, and will complete 5 weeks of basic training, after which time he will begin active duty.

Leaving his home at 9am, Gong Yoo arrived 2 hours and 30 minutes
later than his scheduled time of 11am.

Gong Yoo’s management company, worried of an accident due to the rushing crowd of fans, moved the 11am press interview at the last minute near the army training base with over 50 reports and 300 fans.

Gong Yoo seemed to feel awkward with his army cut and stated while rubbing his head, “Thank you for coming. I will return healthy. Please wait for me. I will return a more matured and better man."

He continued to say, "I feel very free and easy, and I would like to apologize for enrolling so late." Gong Yoo also stated that he slept well the night before, and felt numb on the day that he cut his hair. He also said that his parents told him to “be careful and stay healthy”.

As Gong Yoo took a big bow in front of his fans, he expressed his feelings, saying “I feel like I’m going to cry every time I see my fans. Thank you for coming so far. I was really worried at first, but now that the day has come for me to leave, I feel better. I will leave pretending that I am going away to film a big blockbuster movie.”

His final words aroused laughter amongst the people, saying “I will
return safe. I just hope that there is no war."

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