Thursday, December 27, 2007

coffee prince @ gma

I've been looking forward to the Tagalog-dubbed version of Coffee Prince ever since I watched the series a few months ago. Currently, this series ranks second in my list of all-time-favorite korean romantic-comedy series next to My Girl. Imagine my disappointment when I heard the voice of my dear Han Kyul in the GMA teaser. They should have picked someone whose voice closely resembles that of Gong Yoo. Hayyy!!!! It's so disappointing really! Nevertheless, despite all these rants, I still look forward to watching it in local TV together with all the commercials starting January 1.

Coffee Prince Teaser -GMA7 (Philippines)

By the way, I also hate the chosen theme song, Because of You. They should have picked Parokya Ni Edgar's " This Guy Is In Love with You Pare".

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