Friday, July 26, 2013

Alexander Eusebio Kissed by Fangirl

OMG! I think that in Filipino culture it's okay to kiss our fave celebrities but when it comes to other nationalities like Korea, it's a different thing. Whenever there's a fanmeet, it's always been a simple handshake or high-five only. A hug can be a bonus if with permission... but a kiss... that's a no-no... much more a stolen kiss. I think this particular fangirl was super lucky because she was able to get that close to Alexander Eusebio when he arrived in Manila. But I think that kiss was too much...Check out the look on his face! I think he couldn't believe a fangirl attempted and was lucky enough to be get a kiss from him. So where were his bodyguards? I wouldn't be surprised if his manager will be strict from now on. 

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