Sunday, February 19, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Hee Jun Han I Love You!

I always watch American Idol every year. I especially like it when an Asian enters the competition because it makes it more interesting to watch. At least, I can have someone to root for who I can relate to. Season 11 is no different. This time, instead of just rooting for another Fil-Am to enter the Top24, I'm also now rooting for a Korean-American, Hee Jun Han.

I love his first audition...The way he was shaking his arms and legs to calm himself... the way he compared his face to that of Ryan Seacrest (so typical of Koreans.. haha)

Hollywood Week- Solo
HJH: "Even the guys are so pretty, i don't know why.... i don't know what they eat but they are so good looking" -- so funny!!!

Hollywood Week - MIT group: Heejun vs Cowboy Richie - I love the way he apologized to Richie's parents after the audition.. so funny.. but at the same time it shows how well he was brought up by his parents...

Las Vegas: MIT minus the Cowboy!

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