Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crazy Over Eric Mun

I really have to thank City Hunter...If I didn't surf youtube for this series, I wouldn't have seen the trailer of Eric Mun's Spy Myung Wol. Spy Myung Wol really got me head-over-heels in-love with Eric in-love that I totally forgot about Lee Dong Wook ( who's been my number one hallyu crush since 2006!!!) And for me, to forget about Oppa Wookie... to let him slip from the number one spot in my Korean Oppa list is totally unbelievable..insanely impossible... Well that was before I watched Spy Myung Wol! haha

Eric Topstar have me so wrapped around your fingers! And it's driving me crazy!

I love Spy Myung Wol! The OST - More Than Anyone Else In This World by Lena Park is not helping me get over him!

If Lee Dong Wook was the reason I got into blogging in Blogspot since 2006...Eric Mun now is the reason why I have my Tumblr account!!! :)


Anonymous said...

LOL, too funny. was crazy over Lee Dong Wook after watching 'My Girl' then 'Scent of a Woman' then i was blown away by Lee Min Ho's hotness in city hunter. now i gotta watch spy myung wol coz i'm so intrigued... :)

snw said...

I don't know..probably it's just me.. but I really have a major crush now on Eric Mun! haha Ofcourse I'm still a fan of Oppa Wookie..up to now i still follow his career..he has a spot in my heart which will never go away..haha Tell me what u think of Spy Myung Wol next time! :)

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