Monday, July 19, 2010

World Date With Kim Beom IV

I finally was able to watch KBS World's World Date With Kim Beom ( with english subs). I bet those 5 girls were really super happy to be able to hang out with him for 4 days. If I were in their shoes and it was oppa Lee Dong Wook that I was dating.... waahhh!!!! .... I'd be grinning.....screaming....jumping....taking pictures all at the same time! :)

It was nice that they had a mini-tour of South Korea. The pajama party with all the balloons was sooo korean! ha!ha! I love the part when he bought them souvenirs from the street stalls. I was especially touched when he gave each of them necklaces as remembrance (it's reminiscent of korean dramas I've watched!) and then he sang the theme song of the korean movie, My Sassy Girl, "I believe". I would have cried if that happened to me!

Here's the last clip of the Bummie Date and my fave:

Date With Oppa Bummie:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

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