Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw this fan video (uploaded by princesslee501)of Oppa Joongie at the Incheon Airport as he was preparing to leave South Korea this morning.

And here is his arrival at NAIA this afternoon as documented by GMA's 24 Oras

Click to watch the video.

Fans complained that the host, Pia Guanio, mispronounced his name. Last week, a VTR of Ukiss mistakenly showed Ki BUm of SUJU rather than the Ki Bum of UKiss). Really! This is super embarrassing!!! GMA should do some research so that kpop fans wouldn't wish that ABS should be covering the concerts not them!

1 comment:

rj's mama said...

he changed his haircut? it's totally different from the concert posters that ive seen

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