Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun Together!

This video clip was shared to me by a fellow PEX ullzang. Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun looked so cute together! It was taken during a photoshoot for Chouchou Magazine. The juicy part of the video clip started at 1:48 when Min Ho stared at Hye Sun. You can see that Hye Sun couldn't help but smile when Min Ho stared at her. She was so conscious of Min Ho! waaaahhhh!!!! It's definitely love! love! love! :)

Here's the video clip!

Here are the screen caps:


Anonymous said...

i hope u together again in serial tv shows...

Boys Before Flowers 2 said...

They are beautiful together THAT is one of the reasons why we create our group

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Together we can make it happen!!

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