Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lee Min Ho Attends Goo Hye Sun's Art Exhibit

Love is in the air!!!
MINSUN shippers were disappointed when Goo Hye Sun failed to show up during Lee Min Ho's birthday bash with his fans. But that's okay....since Min Ho attended Hye Sun's art exhibit! waaaahhhh!!!!

Pretty Hye Sun beside one of her artworks!

Kim Joon gets a hug from Hye Sun...but how about MinHo? Hmmm...something's fishy here!!! Minsun shippers are betting that Minho and Hye Sun are just trying to hide their true feelings towards each other from the public. Why the sudden awkwardness MINSUN???? ha!ha! Even if you drag Kim Joon in the picture....YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM THE TRUTH!!!

I'm lovin' all these MINSUN moments! Look at how they look at each other...their smile....the body language....This is what you!!!!! weeehhhhh!!!

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Golden said...

Hi sis! Wow, I didn't know that Hye Sun is into art. Do you happen to know if those are watercolor paintings? Thanks!

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