Friday, May 29, 2009

Robert's Kiss for $20,000

Most of the time when I watch a korean series or any movie, I get completely head-over-heals in love with the lead actor. Lee Dong Wook, Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Seo Do Young, Jo Hyun Jae, and many others...I've had a major crush on them in some point in my life! ha!ha! Each time I would always think that he would be the love of my life (in my dreams!!!!!) but another one would come along and completely sweep me off my feet. That again happened to me recently. I had a major crush on Lee Minho after watching Boys Over Flowers for a couple of weeks but then I watched Twilight and I fell in love with Edward Cullen - Robert Pattison. These days I'm always on the lookout for Robert news and here's one video that I like taken from Amfar Auctions Gala at Cannes. Apparently, Robert's kiss was auctioned for $20,000. I really envy Kirsten Stewart. Unlike others who have to shell out money just to get a kiss from Robert, Kirsten gets to kiss Robert and gets paid for doing it. Some girls can be so lucky! :)

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Gel said...

I'm the same way! Pero mostly sa characters and not the actors. Haha my husband always tells me I always get attached and affected to fictional characters. :)

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