Friday, May 15, 2009

David Archuleta in SIS and Eat Bulaga

David Archuleta had two TV guestings today. One was SIS and the other was Eat Bulaga.
I was disappointed how the SIS guesting turned out. Unlike David who said that the performances were great, I think the song numbers were a disaster!!!!ha!ha! The singers could have done better, rehearsed more or probably GMA should have chosen better singers! The 3 hosts, Gelli, Janice and Carmina, were all mesmerized that there were a lot of pauses during the interview portion.
The second guesting was better in Eat Bulaga....probably because Pia Guanio was a better host! :)


credit: DCRJfilm

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gemma said...

i have to totally agree with you. the SIS interview was kinda embarassing. haha but i can't blame them for being overwhelmed, i am a david archuleta fan too. Pia guanio was WAY better.

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