Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lee Da Hae Quits East of Eden

I was hoping for a Seung hun - Dahae team-up in East of Eden..... Why? because that was the press release during the MBC's promotion ...But alas, the management had to change the script.

Of course I understand Dahae if she decided to quit the series. The change of script/role wasn't what she signed up for. I don't think she's acting like a primadonna.

I don't get Seung Heon's message at all...." Frankly, I don’t think that the character, Lee Dong Chul is able to accept love from so many women. I feel that from the viewers perspective, it would be outright awkward for them to accept such a forced relationship (Dong Chul and Hye Rin) being acted out in front of them. As an actor, I also couldn’t quite accept this story development. But I might have created some misunderstanding after conveying my opinion to the director/screenwriter." --- (credit coolsmurf's domain)

For me, it was an acknowledgement that he had a hand in Dahae's change of role...from a leading a mere extra.

And why change the script? Because fans want more of the seung hun - yeon hee team-up??? Argggghhhh!!!!! I don't have anything against Lee Yeon Hee...but what the management did to Dahae was totally unfair.

And to top it off...MBC removed Lee Dahae's image in the official poster of East of Eden which was shown during the annual MBC Awards Night. Talk about the MBC-Dahae feud....MBC is really pissed off with DaHae!!!

old EOE poster:

new EOE poster behind sshunie:

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Anonymous said...

agree .. mbc soooo unfair towards lee da hae .. hope for a better new year for lee da hae

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