Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Favorite Korean Movies/Series Quotes (2)

1. Continue to love and miss that person and love will come again.Just like playing a game of hide and seek. Even if you can't see it, love must be waiting somewhere. Lost among all the chaos, but kept in our prayers. Those people in love will surely meet again. --- (Spring Waltz)

2. If you love...
If you want to see them...
You will always see them again.
Love is like hide and seek.
Although you can't see them, the heart beats frantically when near them.
Therefore, there is no hide and seek forever because eventually, you find one another.
Spring, although you can't see it or even while playing hide and seek, it finds you.
That's why, spring is love, forgiveness, and hope."
--- (Spring Waltz)

3.Friend: Lower your standards and you will find a good man.
Dalja: It's not about standards. It's about feelings.
Friend: You like to go by your feelings?
Maybe that feeling will destroy your entire life.
All men are the same.
Dalja: But i can't just pick anyone.
I would feel bad for waiting this long. --- (Dalja's Spring) protect ourselves.. to make ourselves look stronger at the outside..
in the deepest corner of one's heart, perhaps there is a brick wall embedded within?
As we grow older, the brick wall grows studier and more solid as well.
this makes it more difficult for us to accept another person.
It would also be difficult for us to be accepted by another person.
In the end we wil lock ourselves within the brick walls.
Would we become lonelier?
Perhaps loneliness is more bearable than pain itself?"

...why do we always miss the critcal opportunity?
why do we always find excuses to close ourselves up?
Can it be that we were all born to this earth with incompatible love-DNA?"
--- (Dalja's Spring)

5.Dalja: How can you tell? If It's love or not,
You can't say it's love just because your heart races,
You can't say it's love just because you miss him,
And no person is there who draws a line and says,
"Okay, this is where love starts." How can you say if it is love or not?

Sunjoo: Because of that person, does your heart flutter and feel happy?
Because of that person, do you feel hurt
Because of that person does your heart feel very lonely?
If it is, Then, it already started. --- (Dalja's Spring)

6. Dalja: Don't underestimate me. You don't just grow older. --- (Dalja's Spring)

7. In my next life, I only want to love one person. If that person doesn't love me, it doesn't matter, I won't bother. I just wish that I can see that person everyday."
-Eun Suh ( Autumn in my heart)

8. Do you know what chance is? For someone who's willing to try, it's building a bridge of fate for someone you love. --- (My Sassy Girl)

9.Things shine at first and as time goes by, they tend to fade away and eventually, it's just not there anymore. --- Yoo Hee-Jin (My Name is Kim Samsoon)

10.The Snow Queen told Kay,
Everyone hates me.
Nobody wants to be my friend.
All I have...
Are only an icy back and piercing wind.
But why do you say you want to be my friend?
Kay could not answer immediately.
No, he could not answer.
The Snow Queen asked Kay once again,
But why do you say you want to be my friend?
Kay hesitated for a while and finally he said,
Because of love...
Because I love you. --- Han Tae Woong (Snow Queen)

credit: movie/series quotes thread @ soompi

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