Tuesday, May 20, 2008

YOO's Gifts From Loyal Fans

Coffee Prince Gong Yoo is so lucky when it comes to his fans. His military training isn't one bit of a hindrance for his fans to show him some love. I bet his comrades are also happy! :)
Here's the list of goodies that his fans (DCGY members) prepared for him. All these were packed in 8 big boxes and was sent to his camp at Gangwon-Do.
Talk about loyalty!!! Kudos to his fans! :)

1. Common items for the team (24 sets, including YOO's share)
- Mouth rinse
-(sorry, not sure what is this)
- Anti-mosquito sticker (20 pieces per box)
- 2 pieces of specially designed towels (dark grey and blue each)
-Men's deodorant
- 2 Anti-insect spray (For wardrobe)
- 5 ice bags
- Poccari (powder form)
- 2 packs of cereals
-dcGY special "medicine" (Sweets)
- Handwritten letter

2. To his team (for sharing)
- 5 bottles of 900ml air refreshners
- 1 box of Nong Shim ramen (20 packs)
- Nong Shim Seafood Ramen (40 packs)
- 10 Mystery Novels.
- 1 box of Assorted biscuits

3. Only for YOO
- Soccer shoes (Mizuno)
- 2 tubes of Strong anti-repellent gel
- 6 pieces of anti-mosquito hand ring
- Sun blocked lotion
- Pain relieve plasters
- Dettol handwash lotion
- Mug
- Carbon Aromatics
- Waterproof plasters
- dcGY special medicine (sweets) and handwritten letter

credit: Gong Yoo multiply site
translations by Jasmine NaaL/yooko@PTTGongYoo

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