Friday, January 4, 2008

lee dong gun and han ji hye break-up

Sweet 18 couple Lee Dong-gun and Han Ji Hye broke off their highly publicized relationship of three years last month. Rumors about their break-up became official news when Han Ji Hye confirmed it during a phone interview and deleted all the lovely dovey pictures of her and her ex, Lee Dong-gun on her cyworld minihompy.

Speculations about their break-up started last week when they avoided questions about marriage plans when they attended Lee Seung Yeon’s wedding on December 27th and escalated when Han Ji Hye did not mention Lee Dong-gun during her thank-you speech on KBS Drama Awards on December 31. -- popseoul

omg! I just can't believe lee dong gun and han ji hye have broken up. I've always thought that they're just so cute together.They even look alike already. But their break-up seems convenient too since Dong-gun is planning to enter the military this year. Perhaps, Dong-dun thought of giving Ji-Hye some freedom while he's in military training. What do you think?

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