Monday, May 19, 2008

My Favorite Korean Series/Movie Quotes 1

I love watching korean series and movies. Although the storyline might not be original, some are even copied from hollywoood films, I find these movies and series very interesting. I like the different settings and ofcourse, the drop-dead gorgeous guys and gals of korean showbiz. They like experimenting ....pairing their stars with different partners unlike here in the Philippines where people are hooked to loveteams. Nevermind if the role doesn't fit a particular star.
And with this current obsession, I've grown to love the korean language too. Nevermind, if I can only understand simple words like annyong haseyo, saranghaeyo, kamsamnida etc.
Within the past two years that I've been hooked to HALLYU, I've collected different quotes from my fave korean series and movies. These quotes may seem mushy but one has to really watch the movie or series first to be able to appreciate these quotes! :)

My top 10 fave korean series/movie quotes:

1. " On snowy days, my love, mr snowman, may actually be thinking about me." --- Yoorin (My Girl)

2. " I'm only going to say this once, so listen well.....I like you. I don't care if you're a guy or an alien. Let's go with it. Let's see how far we can go..."
--- Han Kyul (Coffee Prince)

3. "Whenever you have someone you love by your side, you can't hear or see anything but them"- Yoorin ( My Girl )

4. HB: When you were little did a boy kiss you?
LYH: I don't know.
HB: Do you know why they close their eyes when kissing?
LYH: Because they are so dazzled by each other.
HB: In that short moment with my eyes close, I will miss you.
--- Millionaire's First Love

5. "The moment I open my eyes, even if you are not there anymore, Bora, time will stand still."
--- Snow Queen

6. Friend: Lower your standards and you will find a good man.
Dalja: It's not about standards. It's about feelings.
Friend: You like to go by your feelings? Maybe that feeling will destroy your entire life. All men are the same.
Dalja: But I can't just pick anyone. I would feel bad for waiting this long.
--- Dalja's Spring

7."Lapland.. That kid told me that the snow queen lives here.Lapland is at the end of the South Pole, always covered in snow and ice.She told me that in its deepest and coldest place exists the snow queen's palace.With a wall built by the falling snow and a window of wind that hurts the skin,inside the icy palace that stops all the warmth of the world is the frozen snow queen..She said that the snow queen is the most beautiful but also the loneliest person..and that's why she had to take Kay away..Did the snow queen take you away...?Gerda went to Lapland where the snow queen lives to find Kay.The world's most beautiful and loneliest, my queen.. I've come to meet you."
-- Snow Queen

8. queen: "in this world, there is something that cannot be forced upon... things like fate, regardless of how hard your tried to grab it, you can't seem to grab hold of it. and even if you grab hold of it, it would not stay in your hands forever."
-- Goong

9. "I'll let her go...I won't let her go...I have to let her go...I can't let her go...I can let her go...I don't..want to let her go..."
--- Seol gongchan (My Girl)

10."I'm sorry.. i never should have come back in your life.. i forgot a moment how low my life was.. i feel really bad.. thats life.. dont follow me.. i said don't follow me!! Go while I'm letting you.. run away!! If you keep this up i'll never never let go!!" --- Sangdoo (Sangdoo, Let's Go To School)


Teppy The Josephines said...

I'm a quote freak, do ya know where can I possibly find another Korean movie quotes? Do they have the english version? Thank you! ;)

supermunchee said...

i get my quotes from - are you a member already? they have a separate thread for fave movie/series quotes.

Teppy The Josephines said...

no i'm not a member, i don't even know that website before, thank you for the recommendation! :)

supermunchee said...

if you're a korean movie/series/music addict...i swear you'll love this forum!!!

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