Thursday, March 20, 2008

Transformation of a candy man - Lee Dong Wook

It has been 9 years since Lee Dong Wook joined the showbiz. The guy who used to be in the artiste training centre, dreaming to be a next rising star, has turned himself into a senior who can render advices to his juniors. He is the Lee Dong Wook who started off from tv drama series and now has become a lead actor.

He only made one movie last year and he will greet you with his tv drama this spring. Lee Dong Wook will appear in MBC's drama bittersweet life which will be aired this May, with a completely different image. He is going to prove his acting skills by portraying a man who falls in love with a married woman in the drama.

9 years have passed unknowingly ... he declares the fact that he has grown up through an unbelievable love story drama ...

Lee Dong Wook's role in bittersweet life named Jun Soo, who lives by financial support from his rich friend, who starts an indecent relationship with a married woman during his Japan tour.

Other than a brief touch on the role he plays, Lee Dong Wook explained that he actually does not know much about the storyline. Because of this, he has to put in extra efforts in order not to deviate too much from the clips.

Lee Dong Wook also mentioned that he was only given the descriptions of the role he plays and the relationship chart of each character. Sometimes he is quite bored too as the script writer does not want to disclose much.

Even though he has been in the showbiz for 9 years, Lee Dong Wook still finds this role poses challenges to him as most of the roles he played in the past were either as a model student or a rich man's son, whereas this round, he portrays an ambitious man. I could sense that he has immersed into his role as the glares from his eyes were very sharp.

Lee Dong Wook had stayed in Hokkaido for 3 weeks for the drama shooting. He was warmly welcome by his Japanese fans. The support was overwhelmed as it coincided with the airing of <> over there.

His fans visited him at his hotel everyday. They brought him heat packs as well as tidbits as gift. Sometimes they even acted as extras in the drama. About 400 of them hold a mini fans meeting on the day prior to his return to Korea.

Lee Dong Wook was saying that he received a lot of heat packs. The heat packs reminded him of his fans' faces every time when he was holding those heat packs in his hands. He consumed about 30 packs each day. At the end of the shooting sessions, there were about 100 + of heat packs left over. Can roughly guess how many heat packs he had received over there.

During our interview with Lee Dong Wook. We brought up the topic which every South Korean man will not forget - joins the national service. Lee Dong Wook might have to join national service soon after his drama shooting. Even though he still does not know the exact timeframe at this point of time but it could likely be in the second half of this year or next year.

" I have undergone the kind of intensive training during our shooting in Japan. We filmed at a skiing resort which is located on a mountain with more than 4,000 feet in altitude. We did encounter some difficulties. Since I have overcome all these, I am quite calm when come to joining national service. "

Lee Dong Wook expressed that the idea of excuse himself from serving national service has never crossed his mind as it is the obligation of a South Korean man to serve his country.

Translated by Mayb_juz_coz @ LDW's Baidu Bar (posted @ soompi)
English version of interview conducted by hankooki - transformation of candy man LDW
Chinese version was translated by Ms ELLEN and posted by Ms 旭林冬青♀糖果

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