Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lee Dong-wook, "Couple with Lee Da-hae? Only the wish of fans"

Lee Dong-wook, "Couple with Lee Da-hae? Only the wish of fans"

Lee Dong-wook, awaiting his comeback drama in May, commented about the rumored relationship with Lee Da-hae.

Around mid-last month, fans, nicknamed the 'Netizen Investigation Team', commented that Lee Dong-wook had the same hat and cellphone chain as Lee Da-hae. They put up pictures that showed their picture in a frame at his home. They suspected that they were dating.

Lee Dong-wook replied, "The frame and the hat were all presents from fans. Presents especially for Southeast Asia are for couples. I think they like the couple look. We have separate fan meetings, but they give us presents together. Even with frames, they put in pictures of us together. He laughed and said, "I think fans want us to date". He said this because when the rumors went public, fans encouraged their dating.

The reason why Lee Dong-wook took this with calmness was because of his thanks to his fans, who continue to show love for his drama, "My Girl". He said, "It's already been two years since the drama ended. Through "My Girl", I earned more fans and I'm known overseas". Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae received a lot of support from fans as the main characters of "My Girl", which ended 2006.

While filming his new drama, MBC "A Bittersweet Life", in Japan, he experienced the advantages of the popularity of "My Girl". He said "Recently, I went to Japan to film, and "My Girl" was airing there, so I didn't have to worry about hot packs. It was snowing a lot and I fought against the cold, but I was able to stay warm with the hot packs that Japanese fans gave me. I needed about 30 hot packs a day, but after I came back from filming for 22 days, I had about 100 left".

Original Korean Article: [url=""]Sports Seoul 08/03/18 12:32[/url]
English Translation Credit: [url=""]HanCinema[/url]

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