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sandara park

Starnews Article:

rough translation by szai @ soompi ----

Last 2004, sandara's korean fansite had more than 80,000 plus members, right after My Name is Sandara Park was aired in KBS which showed all her activities in the Philippines showbiz.

Her 3 year contract has ended with the Philippines' ABS-CBN and she'll start anew in her own country Korea for 2008 the year of the rat.

When she visited Starnews Office she wore a hanbok, a traditional Korean clothe, and she looked more Korean and it fits her well.

Her name sounds a bit english/americanized but it is actually pure Korean. It was actually the same name of a Korean hero General Kim Yu Sin which means wise, beautiful and of good health.

"I want to be an artist since grade school, i always watched koreanovelas even in the Philippines. Actually, I never expected to be an artist in the Philippines. I just tried when i auditioned for Star Circle Quest at ABS-CBN. I was the 1st runner up, that gave me the opportunity to be an artist. Now that my contract has ended, i went back to Korea to try my luck. I miss Korea."

She went to the Philippines last 1995 with her family and she returned to Korea all grown up. She became famous in the Philippines and was even known to different countries thru TFC. But she is still unknown in Korea that is why she has to start from scracth.

She has official fans club in the Philippines like Parkers, Magic Star, SPF and Viajeros. "When i left the Philippines they were sad but they still support me though. They still wished to see me in koreanovelas/dramas, they'll see me when it will be aired in the Philippines. That's why i wish for it too! I'll try my best to fulfill our wishes. Before, they were almost 80,000 members in my korean fansite but it is only 800 now. But i will try my best for all those who are waiting for me".

She studied in a chinese school that is why she knows how to speak korean, english, filipino (tagalog) and chinese. She had no formal training before she became an artist in the Philippines that is why she had difficulties. She brought her own clothes, commute with taxi without anyone to help her, these made her strong. She had movies, soap operas, commercials, album and hosted some programs like "Sandara's Romance" that introduces some korean dramas.

"The entertainment in the Philippines is the same as Korea's ten years ago. And my role was always as a korean tourist, korean student... i had difficulty finding different roles. Now in Korea I am training under YG Entertainment with voice, dance, acting and gym classes. I am confident that i can also do well here".

"In the Philippines i was able to do a lot of things like acting, singing, hosting. I want to do the same here! Not like doing just one thing... I'll start first as an actress... I also want to try some roles like Song Hye Kyo's in endless love... with cancer and later died but still will always bear a smile".

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Sandara Park has gone through a lot. I'm not exactly a fan but i consider her to be part filipina already eversince she went into Philippine showbiz several years back. I'm wishing her the best of luck this 2008!!!!! aja! aja!

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