Monday, October 10, 2011

Bubble Pop by HyunA

I finally watched HyunA's Bubble Pop in youtube...I kept reading about this music video having a zillion hits already so I decided to see for myself what the big buzz is about. So my take on this one? Well...yes the song is upbeat,'s the kind of song that I would listen to while surfing the net... But the music video? Well it's cute but borderline slutty to me...haha I guess it's HyunA..there's something about how she projects herself that makes her a little slutty than cute...Her walk..her stance...her expressions. It's supposed to be a cute song so I'm expecting a video full of "aegyo"! haha But kudos to HyunA for dancing in killer heels! omg! 0_0

See for yourself:
Live Version:

Official Video: 18 million views! Wow!

EatYourKimchi's review of BUBBLE POP which I totally agree on:

And the Trot Version! haha

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